A view from Think Different Events very own Maisie Wilson.

My first ever big event with Think Different Events was exactly this time last year: SOCEX Economic Crime Conference 2019. I never would’ve imagined how different this year’s event would be. Prep for last year’s conference consisted of making sure we had the correct name badges and delegates knew what hotel they were staying in. This year, there was no train to Stratford-upon-Avon to catch, but instead a strong wi-fi signal to find.

 I have thoroughly enjoyed organising this year’s SOCEX online conference. Perhaps I wouldn’t have felt as relaxed now as I did on the eve of the conference last week. Nevertheless, the skills that the whole team have had to learn have been incredibly beneficial and I strongly believe everyone’s hard work and dedication to making this event run smoothly has paid off.

Being able to view the analytics of how many delegates are online, what videos are the most popular and how long they tend to watch each video is so interesting and also helpful in tailoring future conferences. Today we found out that the equivalent of 60 days of video has been watched at this year’s conference. We always have great engagement at SOCEX, but there’s something very satisfying about seeing the statistics presented in front of you.

In the run up to this year's SOCEX, I have been working on building the virtual-conference platform with content, branding and creating graphics for everything from social media to presentation videos. I have also been involved with having to think of how this will all work logistically. Since August, the team have toyed with so many different tools in order to create the virtual conference experience that went live to delegates last Wednesday.

During the conference, I have been based in Glasgow with Joanne, Alex, Nick and Patrick. It’s been an absolutely cracking team and I’ve relished the opportunity to head up the Glasgow office. Everyone has been an absolute joy to work with - working hard in a great and creative environment. I have felt extremely proud of the whole Think Different Events LTD team.

This event has given me great hope that events can prosper even during these bizarre times. We all need to embrace the technological world. There are even benefits over physical conferences: the online and on-demand feature of virtual conferences allows delegates greater flexibility with when they can view content as well as lowering our carbon-footprint.

We have already received some incredibly feedback in regard to #SOCEXonline, which makes everything worthwhile.

There we have it - this year’s SOCEX Economic Crime Conference has been such a positive experience for me and I have learned so many new skills.

Here’s to a hopeful future of the event industry.

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With over 60 speakers and as many topics, what were the common themes to come out of this year's SOCEX Economic Crime Conference?

If you have any questions for individual speakers, head to the Digital Library, select their session and use the Question / Answer functionality to make a comment or pose a question.

We will direct questions to the speaker with the hope they will address your point(s) and begin a conversation with you.

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That wraps up the final day here at #SOCEXonline! Here is a recap for some of the fantastic content released today, all of which will be available for the next 12 months via the #SOCEXonline Digital Library. We would like to thank all of our delegates for attending, discussing and making the most of the week at #SOCEXonline. 

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Join us tomorrow morning for the final day of #SOCEXonline 2020! This is a brief preview for some of the fascinating content that will be available throughout the day, starting with a talk from Stephen Goadby at 10:00am. 

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Thanks for joining us today at #SOCEXonline. Plenty of fantastic content provided by our speakers today, here is a brief recap for some of the talks for those who missed them.

Aidan Larkin

Making Crime Pay for Society - Using technology and innovation to fight economic crime

- Overview of global best practice in crypto asset recovery.
- How innovations in technology are helping victims of crime.
- How public & private sector partnerships can assist the fight against crime.

Duncan Tessier

The Economic Crime Plan and the Government’s ambition to tackle economic crime​

- An introduction to the Economic Crime Plan – an introduction for the uninitiated of the plan and its governance.
- An overview of Economic Crime Plan’s across its seven strategic priorities and 52 actions.
- An overview of the key areas the Home Office leads on: SARS reform and information sharing; Fraud and Asset Recovery.

Scott Johnston

Cryptocurrency and Serious Organised Crime – A UK perspective

- Cryptocurrency is not unique to cyber crime.
- Traditional intelligence collection may not identify exposure to cryptocurrency.
- Can be used as a great intelligence tool.

Alex Gammampila

Tackling Terrorist Financing in a Rapidly Changing World

- How improving collaboration between colleagues, across all crime investigation types, can help tackle the threat from terrorism and organised crime.
- How working with the financial sector can also improve our response to such threats.

All content available for 12 months via the #SOCEXonline Digital Library. 

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With the prenultimate day of the conference well underway, we now have a chance to begin looking over the fantastic content from previous days. Nick Furneaux's presentation 'There Is No Such Thing as Cryptocurrency Crime!' is so far proving to be the most watched session at this year's SOCEX Economic Crime Conference.


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Mark Thompson | Economic Crime Advisor, KPMG UK

Live Panel: The Economic Crime Plan - Where We Are Now and What Lies Ahead

The Economic Crime Plan - Where We Are Now and What Lies Ahead

Commissioner Ian Dyson, CofLP, NPCC Economic Crime Lead

Sarah Pritchard, Director, NECC

John Thompson, Director Economic Crime Policy, UK Finance

Giles Thomson, Director of Economic Crime, HM Treasury

Replay the session here

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For #eventprofs the new normal for Hybrid events will likely be an extended event with bite sized content published over a longer period of time.

There are obvious benefits for the attendees online as they don't have to sit at their screens for extended periods of time and can always play catch up at a time that suits.

For the conference organiser, like Think Different Events Ltd., we have to take into consideration the change in staffing levels required to support each event.

A week on from leaving #Glasgow, I'm still here in #London managing the SOCEX Economic Crime Conference


and the wider team will be in place until tomorrow at least on a full-time basis.

What does this mean for the conference budget, the staffing levels and the post event support required as we go virtual?

I hope to add more as we review the event later
#hybridevents #eventmanagement #onlineevents #meetings #economiccrime #organisedcrime

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One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced this week has been managing the SOCEX Economic Crime Conference from two bases, Glasgow and London.

In this post we take a look behind the scenes of the event management team. 

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With the week coming to an end, that concludes the first part of #SOCEXonline. Thanks again to the speakers who have provided the excellent content over the last three days. We are looking forward to next week and hope you are too. All the presentations from the last three days are available in the Digital Library which can be found using the link below, so if there are any you have missed check them out over the weekend. #economiccrime #fraud #virtualconference


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