Information update 21 September

This year’s event will hear from Mayor Eric Garcetti, the Mayor of Los Angeles. Mayor Garcetti has been instrumental in leading adoption of the Paris Climate agreement across the US and will address Glasgow as the host city of COP given the huge focus on the city in the coming months. Under his leadership, L.A. has been rated the nation’s best-run city by the Bloomberg What Works Cities initiative and become the number-one solar energy city in America.

The Mayor’s government service began on the L.A. City Council, where he spent four terms as Council President before being elected Mayor in 2013 and winning re-election in 2017 by the widest margin in the history of Los Angeles.

The conference brings together senior representatives from government, commerce, academic institutions and the third sector to focus on Glasgow's economy and to look forward to the next 12 months.

One month ahead of COP26, the Conference will update attendees on the city's plans for this pivotal global event and set out how the city’s economy aims to recover from the events of the last 18 months.

With speeches from senior political leaders and key industry experts, this will be another highlight in what has been a challenging year for the city of Glasgow during the COVID pandemic.

Face to Face and Virtual
This year, attendees will have the option to attend in person or virtually. While the numbers attending face to face may be limited due to ongoing restrictions, we have decided to offer the virtual option to ensure an inclusive conference across all the various stakeholder groups. When you register for the event, please select whether you would like to be considered to attend in person.
If you know of any colleagues or contacts who would also benefit from attending, please forward this message, and ask them to register too.